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Vinyl Wrap

Full Wrap

This is our bread and butter, full color change wraps. Selecting a color of your choice, your vehicle is completely covered to both protect and restyle. Limitless choices, to suit your taste. Wrap does a pretty good job of protecting your paint as well!

Ranges from $2,500-$4,000

Chrome Delete

By using vinyl, we can change the color of any chrome trims on your car. Many cars can be transformed with a chrome delete, giving the car a much sportier and fresh look. From window trims, grills, door handles and emblems, we can black them out. The devil is in the details, where a few small touches of black can really transform the look of a car.

Priced by piece, most cars range from $200-$1,400

Printed Wrap

By printing on vinyl, we can expand the potential of what vinyl can do greatly. Whether printing your company’s logo and message for use on a work truck or wall, or printing a custom pattern or design to customize your car, print options are limitless. With the help of our designer and software, we can create custom artwork for your needs. Walls, windows, buses and trailers can all be wrapped turning them into billboards to spread your message. Vinyl can also be cut into logos or letters, for simple signage solutions.

Cut graphics are $7 per square foot, printed graphics are $9-12 per square foot

Hood/Roof/Misc. Wraps

Wrap can also be done panel by panel, to great effect. A glossy black roof or carbon fiber hood can really transform the look of a car. Many makers upsell a “premium” package that comes with a black top or carbon accents. Many of these can cost THOUSANDS, where with vinyl you can get the same effect without all the zeroes! Panel wraps are also a great option for customers who live in harsh climates by the sea or desert. Prevent premature fading or paint damage by wrapping the roof or hood of your car.

Hood wraps start at $150, roof wraps with antennae start at $275

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